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Thank you to all NZSC members who participated in our recent survey. Your responses have provided clear direction for the issues and concerns that are of priority to shippers and will be of great assistance in framing engagement with Ministers, officials and regulatory bodies.
We asked members to list their current priority issue and also emerging issues of concern. The most commonly voiced concern was congested freight corridors, especially in and out of ports, and the associated impacts on productivity.
Members are also concerned about the uncertainty and lack of strategy around supply chain infrastructure, including ports, rail, and connections between rail and ports. There were multiple comments about the difficulty designing and planning an optimal supply chain in the current climate of uncertainty and the apparent lack of integrated planning to meet future shipping requirements.
It is clear that there are many emerging concerns for shippers. Chief amongst these are: the impact of liner consolidation and alliances, the emergence of port and port services surcharges, workforce shortages (especially truck drivers), and the potential implications (i.e. increased costs, chaotic implementation) of the 2020 sulphur fuels cap (more of which later in this newsletter).

We will endeavour to address all these concerns in our advocacy and member meetings programme this year, with continuing emphasis on the need for government and other stakeholders to consult and work with cargo owners.



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