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Global Shippers Forum Annual Meeting & ICHCA International Conference hosted by Freight & Trade Alliance (FTA) and Australian Peak Shippers Association (APSA) AND ICHCA Australia (Melbourne 8-11 May)

In May NZSC’s Chair and Executive Officer attended the Global Shippers Forum AGM held in Melbourne and the following two-day ICHCA international conference.
The conference was a significant gathering of the world trade community and this rare opportunity to hear their presentations and engage with the international shipping and logistics community was highly worthwhile. Amongst the presenters were representatives from the United Nations, the World Bank and the US Maritime Commission – all of whom spoke about global issues that are impacting shipping and shippers at a regional, national, and local level.

A selection of the conference presentations are available for viewing, please click HERE

Jan Hoffman, Chief of the Trade Logistics Branch, United Nations Conference on Trade and Development spoke of the three big challenges facing the sector right now. For carriers – it is over supply, for ports – vertical integration and associated rising logistics costs, and for shippers – market concentration and the resultant changing dynamics of the freight supply chain. Jan spoke of the need to find common ground to improve the efficiency of the supply chain, to reduce CO2 emissions, and to make trade procedures more transparent and efficient.

This message was echoed throughout the two-day conference, along with a recurring theme of the tension between trade facilitation and security (including biosecurity) concerns – highlighted in presentations from the World Customs Organisation and the Australian Border Force. The strong message was that customs administrators do not want to be seen as an unnecessary barrier to trade. At the same time, you only can have economically successful trade if that trade is secure. Through ensuring safety, you create a framework where trade can grow the economy.

A thought provoking message was delivered on cyber security and the threat to logistics. We encourage members to read Confronting the Demands of Security and Data privacy in a networked supply chain Cybersecurity-and-the-threat-to-logistics – a white paper released at the conference that addresses the real threat of business disruption and loss through cyber crime.

“Technological progress will never be as slow as today”
Automation, Roboticisation and the new industrial revolution were also centre stage – check out the presentations by Peter McLean (Head of Kalmar Asia-Pacific) and Richard White (CEO, Wisetech Global) for a look at the future of supply chains including automated ports.

It is clear that global trade and logistics are in a state of rapid change. Conferences such as this are an extremely valuable means of managing the impact of that change on your business.



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