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Earlier this month it was reported that the majority owner of CentrePort, the Greater Wellington Regional Council (GWRC), has requested port management document its further post-earthquake recovery plans and accommodate a longer-term view of potential redevelopment options.

There has been speculation over the port’s future following the severe damage suffered to its container terminal in the Kaikoura earthquake (limited container shipping operations having only recently recommenced via self-geared vessels).

GWRC recently met to review a full briefing on the port’s recovery progress and consider its future, as part of the mandatory process of developing the port’s next statement of corporate intent.

GWRC expressed confidence in port management, saying the council is satisfied CentrePort is taking a disciplined approach in its recovery programme and recognising that it’s going to take time. It noted that it will be important to continue discussions around how the port contributes to the resilience of Wellington and has full confidence in the board and management team at the port that they will have these discussions in the right way at the right time.



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